budde safety consulting GmbH 
                                                         Chemische Prozess- und Anlagensicherheit

Chemical Process and Plant Safety  - It is our business to protect your business success

Our core competencies are listed below. For more information, please contact us via phone or use the contact form for your queries. Thanking you in advance. 

We are consultancy service provider / experts on the topics:

- chemical process and plant safety

- gas- and dust explosions

- transport of dangerous goods (particularly the topics SAPT, SADT)

- storage of dangerous goods

- safety characteristics of gases, solids, liquids

- explosion protection (explosion protection document)

- lab tests on all stated special safety topics

Additionally we offer

- training programmes for your employees on certain safety topics               

- checking and revising of operational hazardous substance register

-  checking and revising of material safety data sheets (physical hazards)

Including our network of experts (chemists, physicists, engineers) with multidisciplinary skills and long experience enabling us to tackle issues as process development, process optimization, analysis of the effect of earthquakes on storage tanks and chemical plants amongst others.


It is a matter of course that we ensure an adequate level of data protection to safeguard your interests.

Remark: we regret that due to technical reasons only one page in English is available on the homepage at the moment. Therefore a detailed description of the company and of the performance is not possible. Please use the contact form or contact Mr. Budde directly via phone (see page "CONTACT DATA"). We will send a company flyer with all information as soon as possible.